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About Myria's Creations

Hello! I'm Myria the creator of Myria's Creations. First of all, lets start with the pronunciation of my name, its quite simple as its pronounced Mariah (Just like Mariah Carey- the pronunciation not the belting of holiday jams). Don't feel bad if you guessed wrong, most people do. 

Now that thats out of the way, I started Myria's Creations November 2020 after having my son and stepping away from a job as a veterinary assistant that I loved very much but, I needed to pursue other passions of mine. I figured why not jump all in and be a stay at home with a small business- what could go wrong? Besides crazy timing for starting a small business I'm very lucky to have a wonderful husband and an amazing support system that has cheered me on since I started. 

My passion for animals will always be a huge part of who I am and I do everything I can to work with animal shelters and humane societies. Each month I create a sticker of a pet thats available at my local humane society to hopefully be able to bring awareness and maybe even find a furever home for that pet. 

My logo is of my sweet Frankie, who passed away suddenly in 2018. Frankie truly brought happiness to everyone he met and I want to be able to share his smile with those I create for. I know that he would be proud to see me create. 

As a creator I tend to try new crafts and always challenge myself to grow. I love sewing, designing, crocheting, drawing and so much more. You'll find some of all of my favorite creations here and social media. Feel free to let me know if you have any questions!

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